Aug 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today we celebrated our 11 year anniversary.  Who knew that the longer two people are together the more in love they could be.  It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows but that just makes it all the sweeter. So here I sit, in love with the man I will have forever and I have to think, I am freakin' blessed! :)

  So here is to the next decade of our lives. May they be filled with many more surprises, late night revealing talks (hint hint), hand holding, fantastic smooches, passion (you know, the good kind!), and most importantly, love that eases all sadness, brightens all joy, calms all fears, and just keeps on growing.

I love you, babe, you rock!!

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The Rice's said...

11 years? Wow! I remember being at your wedding. Seems forever ago. Congrats! It seems to be rare that people can stay married that long and still be happy. You have such a cute little family :)