Aug 12, 2010

The Well Adjusted Child

I picked up this book at the library the other day and started reading it today.  Its all about socialization (the big "S" word in homeschooling circles) as that is a major concern people have with homeschooling.  I have seen it posted all over the web "Oh I would homeschool except I would hate being stuck in the house" or "I would homeschool but then my kid wouldn't have any friends." or "Well they have to learn those skills somehow and they can't do it with just family." and lastly "My kid has learning/behavior/insert issue here and they really need to learn how to work with other kids." 

Time and time again it has been discussed that kids have to be in school to learn how to deal with others.  In "The Well Adjusted Child" the author discusses why homeschooled kids are actually at a better advantage because they have to learn to deal with ALL ages rather than just those in their peer group.  Homeschooled children learn to deal with all different types of social situtations beacuse they are not stuck in a classroom everyday.  In fact colleges will seek out homeschooled students because they are able to handle the stress of college life better than their public schooled peers.

Anyway the book is a good read if you are thinking of homeschooling, think homeschooling is nuts, or if you are a homeschooler yourself.  Give it a try.

***I am not against public education in the least.  I think for a lot of people it is the best option.  I do however think that more children could succeed if they were to learn in a home enviroment.***

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