Nov 7, 2010

Superwoman no more

There are so many times I find myself checking out the blog world and thinking "Man I wish I could do all that." or "I wish I had great ideas like that.".  I know I am not the only one who does this, I think it is a flaw most of us have.

I headr a quote months and months ago that was something along the lines of "We compare our faults to the strengths of others.  As women we need to use our strengths for the good of others."  I don't remember where I heard it or how it went exactly but that little thought has come to my mind over and over as of late.

I try to be superwoman everyday.  I have lists and lists, thoughts, ideas, projects, etc that pile up in my mind.  Ask me to prioritize and I can't.  I want to do everything and do it brilliantly and now.  I want my house to look great, my kids to behave all the time, my food to be fantastic and yard well kept.  Not to mention be creative, spiritual, on time, organized......the list goes on and on.  I see other women who can do all these things so I should be able to right?

Nope no one woman can do it all. It isn't possible.  There are times when I get down and think "Well so and so does this, I must really suck." (or some variation of that theme).  We all have special talents and strengths, why do we waste time lamenting what we don't have or can't do? 

I have made a new pact with myself this weekend, I will honor what I can do well and forget what I stink at.  No more fretting about it, why waste the time.  Instead I am choosing to embrace my talents and let someone else be superwoman.

Just my deep thoughts for this beautiful fall night.  Have a great week!


Mr. H. said...

It can be hard though as it seems that someone is always better at something. I guess we just do as you suggested and focus on what we are good at and who we are as an individual rather than worry about being someone or something we are not.

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise."

~Johann von Goethe

Kim said...

Beautiful quote and one that I will be remembering for a long time to come. Thank you for sharing!