Nov 8, 2010

The warmth of fall

~ Everything about fall warms my heart.  This morning I woke to snow on the mountains and fog floating over all the fields.  It was so calm and beautiful. 
~I mowed the lawn this weekend for the last time this year.  The light rain make everything smell sweet.
~ I stood in the middle of the pasture area and mentally planned the garden for next spring.  I felt that little prick of excitement hit me, I can't wait to curl up with gardening magazines, seed cataloges, and a notebook this winter.  I get to plan and dream up what will grow in the garden. 
~Our wood has been split and stacked and just staring at it makes me happy.   
~My mental picture of home is always fall, with a fire burning away, leaves flitting across the ground, cloudy grey skies in the distance, a chill in the air, and that fresh clean smell of everything winding down.

~ Today without even trying, it felt like home.

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Nicole said...

I love fall! I love the pictures too. I'm kind of wishing Santa will bring me a new camera this year, but I think I would like to own a house first.