May 19, 2011

Little bits of country

{It's no secret that I am longing for the country.  While my hoppin' town of 3k is hardly big, I still feel stuck in the middle of a lot of houses.  Every night I look out my window and I look right into the neighbors kitchen and bathroom.  While I like my neighbors I don't really want them that close.  I have been a bit down in the mouth as of late so last night I went searching for the little bits of country that I have right here in my own backyard.  This little barn red storage shed makes me smile.  I pretend its a huge empty barn and there are no neighbors 6 feet behind it.  Okay I dont really pretend that.... anyway its just the right amount of country for me today.  The hoses hang on the backside with an old wood pile underneath.  The paint is peeling and the setting sun peeks around just so.  It may not be in the middle of no where but for today it will do.}

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