May 6, 2011

Starting from seeds

Last weeks to-do list had "start seeds" at the very top.  I knew I was starting them late but its such a tradition, a comfort and relaxation tool for myself, that I knew I had to start them no matter what.  Ian was having a very hard day being the only boy in our estrogen ocean.  So what boy doesn't want a little dirt play?  Ian helped to plant a couple flats of seeds, ranging from jalapenos to watermelon.  He was pleased as punch.

The seeds have been hanging out in the window (above are the seeds soaking for 24hrs before planting) waiting in the sunlight for germination.  So far, only the cabbage has peeked its head out of the dirt.  I am hopeful that I will see more green soon but still have a back up plan to visit the nursery this year.  One day I will get the hang of this, won't move during planting/harvesting season, and will finally get the fantastic crop I dream of.  Someday.

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