May 6, 2011

Sunshiney Easter Morning

Dune Jumping: v. the act of propelling ones self off the edge of a very tall vertical sand dune, for entertainment.

Easter morning found us with a sick baby, a frazzled and irrational mom, and a beautiful blue sky.  Dean took the 3 kids to church while I stayed home to rock the baby and cook a delish dinner.  After dinner the sun was calling our names and we headed out.

With no plan in mind we found ourselves at the sand dunes.  I introduced the kiddos to the joy of dune jumping and we had a blast basking in the sun and sand.  I almost felt like I was in a beach vacation, almost, except I was in the sage brush ocean. 

It was a perfectly lovely day.

 {Although there are pics of me demonstrating how to properly dune jump, Dean by far get better air and lands with a much bigger sand plume.  It was entertaining to watch.)

 {Laina wasn't quite sure what to do with all this....stuff....sticking to her everywhere.}

 {Always empty yer boots before headin' out.}

{Caitlin understood why I said jump with your  mouth closed!  She spit sand for a good 5 minutes.}

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