May 17, 2011

Veggie Green is Beautiful

Before we get to the main course of veggies lets take a moment to stop and smell the flowers.  LOL lame I know. of the benefits to moving in early spring is you are just in time to see all the surprises that have been hiding under ground all winter.  My front flower  bed is filled with tulips and lillies.  Tulips of all varieties and is so many wonderful colors.

Along the fence there are Johnny Jump Ups.  They are everywhere and next to the cedar fence, they look just little more refreshing and happy.

Ahh now my favorite thing in the world, vegetables (and a few strawberry plants).  The kids and I stopped at a local nursery to check out the goodies.  Oh the smells in that greenhouse made me feel wonderful.  We picked up an entire wagon full of veggies plus onion sets and wall 'o waters.
{Cilantro, cabbage, brussel sprouts, peppers, and strawberries}

{Sweet Pea starts in the kitchen window.  These make me think of my grandma and every time I see them I can smell her fresh laundry. It was a great smell!}

{Cucumber, pumpkins and cabbage.  These sad little things are the reason I was at the nursery today. Next year I must have a green house!}

{Purple cabbage leaves are some of my favorites.  Such a pretty color and texture.}

{Rainbow chard is a new one for me.  We have never grown it but a goal for us this season is to increase the amount of greens we grow and eat.  So we begin with chard.}

{Red onions.  I plan to dehydrate a lot of onions this year for later use in cooking.  I really like how last years onions turned out and am excited to try them again.}


The table is covered in little plants and the room smells like burned broccoli (oops!) and dirt.  Minus the broccoli it smells heavenly. 

Planting begins tomorrow.

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