Jul 18, 2011

Welcome to I'm Naturally Simple

Welcome!  My name is Kimberly and I am the founder of this little slice of the blogosphere.  I am a mom to 4 rambunctious and enthusiastic kids and wife to a fantastic man.  I wear many hats around here and enjoy many things.  Over the last year our lives have taken turn after turn until we have found ourselves sitting in a place that is entirely different from what we ever expected.  For me (and lets face it, everyone in the house!) the last year has been a roller coaster of emotions and over all a really rough time.  I have found myself hysterical with laughter and completely drained of any emotion.  I have fought hopelessness, depression and anxiety. 

Though the path has been a difficult one it has also been highly rewarding.  During these struggles I have often found myself pondering what it really means to be happy, what it really means to be content.  Just when I think I have found the answer something else comes my way that challenges my new ideas. 

And that is how this blog came to be.  Over the last year I have realized that contentment and happiness are such personal experiences for everyone, no two perceptions are the same.  Somehow we all look for contentment, simplicity, and happiness in some form or another.  I want to celebrate that, encourage that growth, and continue to find it for myself.

I want this blog to be a celebration of that deep part in ourselves that searches for a deeper meaning, that longs for a quiet soul, that nurtures our very selves and makes us feel whole.  Please join me here for thoughts, quotes, and ideas to make life a little more simple.  Join in the comments and help uplift others in their search for what makes them tick.  Join our Facebook page, twitter, or subscribe to us if you so desire.  Anyway you decide to do it, we are glad you are here.

Here's to simplicity, happiness, and contentment!


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