Jul 20, 2011

A Family Affair

I come from a large family, there are 7 of us,  spread out over two generations.  Most of us talk on a weekly basis.  We know each others faults, likes, and important life moments.  We share and fight and get pissy with each other.  There is something so right about having family, even one as hugely flawed as my own.   

Nick and Seirra Wedding 124

Today my baby brother was married.  Today I gained another sister.  She is sassy, sweet, and loves my kiddos oh so much.  Today I looked around at all the friends and family gathered to celebrate these two, and I had to smile.  The emergency flowers purchased, the wind-blown decorations, dirty kids, or old hurts all fade away and we all just basked in the love that these two share.

Family is the greatest blessing.

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