Aug 3, 2011

Back to the drawing board or failed Sauerkraut


Well its been nearly a week since I started the great Cabbage Experiment of 2011.  Tonight I decided to give it a little look see and a little sniff. 


There are no words to describe the smell that insulted me.  There is no way on this earth that people actually eat anything that smells like that.  It made a murky, old, nasty duck poop filled pond smell absolutely divine.  I freely admit I gagged, I gagged hard.

I messed it up pretty bad.  So plugging my nose I drained all the liquid out and started to scoop the cabbage out.  I am thinking I packed the cabbage in the jar too tightly.  Once the surface juice was removed there was no more liquid at all. The cabbage in the bottom of the jar was moist but there was no juice surrounding it.  I don't know, is that wrong?  Any Kraut experts out there who can shine some light on my problem.

Cabbage is almost ready in the garden again, next time I might try the lacto-fermenting variety and see what I come up with.  If anything these are perfect experiments for the kids science projects!

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