Aug 9, 2011

Currant Obsession

I have 3 beautiful currant bushes in the back yard.  The are on each side of the back door and every time I walk outside I am greeted with all these happy little red berries.  They make me smile.  I knew I had to do something will this awesome little fruit. 




My first plan was to make jam because well I make all fruit into jam.  But then my friend google started pointing out that currant seeds are a bit big and not necessarily a welcome addition to jam.  Okay fine, I'll make jelly.  I prepped the first batch with the intention of making strawberry currant jelly.


Then, well I couldn't tell you what happened really, except it involved the laziness, mindless plucking of berries and a blow up with the Victorio strainer, I decided to make strawberry currant syrup!  Woot!  Way simpler, less intensive and oh so yummy  on pancakes in the middle of winter (or any time really).  So everything is prepped and ready to go.  First thing in the morning before it gets too hot, it's me and the water bath canner doing the lovely canning tango to put up a few pints of syrup.  Oh I can not wait to dip into that sweet goodness in the middle of a blizzard...... ahh it really is the small things in life we look forward to isn't it?


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