Aug 10, 2011

Tornado Alley aka Spice Cabinet redo

Do you have that secret little corner of your life that no one knows about because it's THAT bad?  And I mean bad?  Everyone I know always says things like "Oh if only I were more like you in...." whatever.  Everytime someone says something like that to me I inwardly cringe.  If only they knew my dirty little secret(s).  I have a few but will only share one with you today.

Enter- The spice cabinet(s).



I like cooking so I collect spices.  I have lots and lots and lots.....and they take over everything.  And they are impossible to find.  I search for dill weed only to get so frustrated that I ditch the whole recipe for something simple.  I hate searching....I'm one of those impatient people, ya know when I say jump you DO it.  It applies to me too, if I want to cook then I do it...right now with no planning or in this case searching.  Anyway, my last thought as I went to bed Monday night was "Oh my word, I need mason jars!".  Yes I think bizarre things like that every night before bed.  


So Tuesday morning I grabbed a few cases of 8oz mason jars and hit tornado alley aka the spice cabinets. It took over an hour to sort, pour, label everything. I found at least 6 empty containers, a box of tea I love, and a spilled bottle of vanilla extract.  Now everything fits into one cabinet easily, everything is labeled just so, and everything stacks wonderfully.   Now beautiful order exists. I will sleep well tonight.


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