Aug 24, 2011

Establishing roots

Idaho Sky

As I previously mentioned in this post, I never planned to live here.  In fact Eastern Idaho was the last place on my "must live" list.  But now that I am here I find myself getting settled more and more.  There is a familiarity with the area that stems from a few years spent here during high school.  I find myself going for drives and pointing out little things to the kids...." That canal I used to swim in at night."  "We used to have bonfires here in the summer." and on and on.  The more time I spend here the  more it feels like home. 

I think whats pulling me in quicker than anything are the views that surround me.  On drives, out the front door, or on my morning walk I am surrounded by beauty that just feels right.  I look forward to our weekly trip to the mountains, for I get to see these beautiful fields of wheat and then the mountains and trees. 

Sometimes the place that feels the most like home is the last place you'd expect.  So so true.


Teton Mountains

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