Aug 24, 2011

Daily Loving


American Girls

Table by Caitlin

Grandmas Flower

Little shroom

Daddy Time




Currently loving the little things in life:

 - New to me bedding shared by family.

- The chance to really participate in Co-op, as in I am teaching a reading/history/art class.

- Caitlin's need for beauty.  The table must be set just so and it must always include candles.

- Grandmas flower that is popping up everywhere.

- Small little surprises that natures leaves for us to discover.

- Daddy time.  Nothing sweeter than seeing him take time to be there.

- New wall sign that has had amazing impact in our daily lives.  It really has been incredible.

- Organization that is quick, simple and effective.  Cant ask for much more than that!


What are you currently loving in your daily life?

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