Aug 12, 2011

Great Scot! It's a cucumber!

Do your kids ever sit and giggle at the awesomeness that is Veggie Tales?  My kids do.  We pick them up at the library occasionally knowing it will be a giggle fest for the duration of the movie.  We have most of their sing along CD's and I will admit that I do know most of the lyrics.  I mean really how could you not sing at the top of your lungs about missing hair brushes, cheeseburgers and of course your lips.  Bob is entertaining to be sure but we all know that Larry steals the show.  I mean a walking, talking, singing cucumber?  Brilliant!

Now to my point.  I had a cucumber.  There I said it and it feels amazing to admit it!  I have been gardening for 6 years.  For 6 years I have battled late frosts, snow storms, and winds that are reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz.  Every single year for 6 years my carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and even tomatoes to a degree, have held their heads high, weathered the storms and come out stronger in the end.  All the veggies take the beating in stride, all except the cucumber.

Now I don't want to rag on the cuke too much here, but honestly up until this year I have really started to wonder why I bother with such a wimpy little plant!  I mean really, who can't handle a little snow in June or wind that bowls a person over instantly.  Really who can't buck up and take it?  I started cucumbers this year with the knowledge that they would die and shrivel and it would be a horrible waste of seed.  I knew that, I accepted that, and I planted them.  I planted them and it came!

I ate a cucumber from my garden!  One beautiful glorious Boothby Pickling Cucumber grew, flourished and provided me with an extra tasty treat!  Oh Glory be!  What an experience it was.  That one little cucumber has renewed my love of the plant and if it takes me another 6 years to grow one so be it.  I loved you little cucumber!



Mike said...

Congratulations, sounds like your unrelenting perseverance paid off. That is a fine looking cucumber and well worth the effort. We have been growing the Boothby variety for several years now, it is one of our favorites.

Kim said...


I really like the Boothby flavor, very mild. I can see why it is a pickling cucumber! Next year I will need to plant triple what I did this year. What varieties grow well for you? I think we are fairly similar in climate and zone.