Aug 23, 2011

Running hard

This last week was a marathon for our family.  Every single day we had a million obligations along with the normal flow of life.  Most nights I found myself falling into bed with so little energy that a sigh was taxing.

But last week is done.  This week there is little on my calendar and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Tomorrow you will find me weeding the garden, sewing a blanket for a humanitarian aid project, finalizing our school schedule, and washing blankets.  That may sound like work but most of that are things that I find deep satisfaction doing.  Small things like sewing a baby blanket make me feel like I have done something with my time.  After last week that left me frazzled and exhausted, the simple daily tasks of caring for a family are something to rejoice in.

And if I get lucky, you might find me sitting on the front porch, taking a few deep breaths and watching the sun set, my favorite soul settling moment that I look forward to every single day.

 Front porch chair


MamaTea said...

We are in one of those weeks right now, where everything is so busy you meet yourself at the door and don't know if you were on the way out out or just coming in. I know what you mean though about people thinking all those other things are "work". When its relaxing and you enjoy it, how can it be work? That's what I think when I'm crocheting or working in the garden or baking bread or...or...or....

I hope you enjoy your restful week!

Kim said...

I hope you make it through your busy week! And then next week I hope you get to crochet AND bake bread! :) So far this week is shaping up really nice for us.