Aug 19, 2011

We're from the Country and we like it that way!

As summer is winding down I've found all of us heading out of doors just a bit more than usual.  Its getting nippy here at night, the leaves have all lost their luster and some mornings a jacket is needed for my morning walk.  Fall is around the corner and close behind that is the frigid temperatures we have around these parts.

But until then, it's time to party like it's 1999! Woot!  These kids of mine are born and raised country kids.  They couldn't be cool and sophisticated if they tried, which they don't because really if you can't be covered in dirt what's the point of life?

So what do country kids do when their parents head to a BBQ?  They head to the mattresses or water hole.  I know, that just sounds weird doesn't it but really around here its the truth.


A good friend flood irrigated his field.  It was an impromptu pond that the kids too full advantage of!  Splashing, playing and of course rides in a calf sled behind the 4-wheeler!






I hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter and if your lucky a little bit of dirt!


Mike said...

Mattress rides and a homemade pond...I love it.:)

MamaTea said...

What better way to spend a day! Looks like a lot of fun! :)