Aug 17, 2011

You make my knees weak Salsa

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you saw me mentioning salsa a few times last week(and if this is the first time you've heard of it get your booty over and follow already!!).  There are some things in this world that make a  girl a little obsessed, this salsa is one of them.  I think I kinda freaked my hubby out with all the oooing and ahhhing and moaning I did over this salsa.  It really is that fantastic.  You must try it.

 First things first, you must have some yummy tomatoes at your disposal.  I picked up 17lbs of organic Romas from a farm for $17 bucks.  Not to shabby.


Next you must have some cilantro, one can not make any sort of salsa without it.  My sister says that if cilantro were bottled as a fragrance, she would rub it all over including her naughty bits (her words not mine!!).  While I love cilantro as much as the next girl I do have to draw the line somewhere. I prefer it in my salsa!


Onions, bell pepper, jalapeno, and dried garlic.  Not only is it pretty but the smell is mouth-watering.  I like dried garlic better than fresh for salsa because I find the bitterness that garlic can sometimes have is null when its dried.


Cilantro and tomatoes together make such a happy little couple.


The whole shebang ready for a little cook time on the stove.


The secret ingredient.  Okay I have no clue if it's a secret or if it's a normal ingredient in salsa but I can say that without tomato paste this salsa just didn't have the depth or thickness I want.  Tomato paste is our friend here.


Blue corn chips (which are not pictured here but were actually in hubbys shopping cart because he received a text from yours truly that said "You can not come home without blue tortilla chips, fair warning.")  are divine with this lovely little salsa. Really anything is good with this salsa, even Ritz crackers....



Alrighty, thats it for now.....BUT I will be posting this recipe on the Recipe page later today so check back so you can thank me for this goodness.

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