Sep 20, 2011

Dehydrated corn for the pantry

With 10 dozen ears of corn I quickly ran out of cookie sheets to freeze it all on.  Just for the record I have 5 cookie sheets with each sheet fitting about 14-18 ears depending on size.  I was 2 sheets short of freezing everything we picked.  So I grabbed out the deydrator and filled up 4 full trays.  And I do mean full!  I stuck the full dehydrator in the garage and forgot about it for the next 24ish hours.

Today my sweet kiddos got the task of putting all of the corn into jars.  They were excited, it was quiet, and I took a 2 min nap.  Perfect.



{Nothing sweeter than small hands helping.}



dehydrated corn

{Approx 4 dozen ears of corn are in these 2.25 jars.  That is a huge space saver over canning!}

Dehydrated sweet corn

{All that was left.  I will be tossing this in the stew I have planned for this evening.}

There is nothing more satisfying that growing your own food (or in this case getting someone elses homegrown food), enjoying it through the summer, and putting it up for winter.  Simply satisfying!


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