Sep 19, 2011

Corn and carrots

Saturday morning was cold and rainy around here.  We woke to find this house a chilly 62 degrees.  Even after it dried up and the sun came out the house never got over 66.  I figured it was a perfect day to work in the garden a bit.  Laina and I headed out and picked the last of the beans (that were quiet unflavorful at this point), checked the cabbages, pulled leaves from the Brussel sprouts and checked the carrots. 

This whole season I have been unhappy with the carrots.  They haven't been to happy where they were planted.  The greens have been short with little root action going on.  I have been dreading pulling them up because I didn't want to be disappointed.  I guess that is the key!  Saturday I decided to pull them up and see the harvest.  I was pleasantly surprised!  While definitely a smaller harvest than previous years, it was still more than enough to put away for the winter.  Woot!


Saturday afternoon a friend called and said he found a field of corn where we could score a dozen ears for a buck.  Not to shabby since the going price this summer has been $4 a dozen!  Considering I can not grow corn, this was a great way to stock the freezer.  We headed over and picked up 10 dozen.  By 10 o'clock that night we had 5 cookie sheets in the freezer and 4 dehydrator trays drying.  Ahhh it was a wonderfully productive day!



Heidi said...

Awesome share. Congrats for you. I just love finding a great deal like that. Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT week.

Aimee said...

Awesome score on the corn. I tried all summer to get it for less than $4/dozen and wasn't successful.

Connie said...

What a great deal.. way to go.