Sep 12, 2011

Favorite Places

lake and pole

This time of year always makes me happy.  It makes me think of being a kid and playing night games in the middle of the street or sneaking kisses under apple trees as a teenager.  When it rains, like it did tonight, the smell takes me to Portland, Or as a young newlywed enjoying freedom like never before.

Hand sewing


Now that the air has turned a bit crisp and the leaves lightly litter the library parking lot I have started to look for those few little places that make me smile.  I want home right now.  I want fresh bread baking, knitting (even though I don't knit), wool socks knit by my sister, sewing and good books.  It's what this time of year tells me I need.  There are two seasons present right now and  I am trying to enjoy a little of each.

 garden hose

front porch

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