Sep 11, 2011

Finding joy in the mundane

The last week flew right by me.  It was our first week of school (which was incredible) and our first week of extra curriculars.  And even though I was busy with all of that I still found myself with lots of time for laundry, dishes, and dusting. 

 Dirty Dishes

Do you ever feel like you spend a good portion of you day at the sink or the washing machine, etc?  Sometimes I have no problem with these little mundane tasks and other times I loathe them!

Dust Pile

Its all a frame of mind (as most things are).  I remember reading a blog a year or so ago about finding joy in the mundane.  At the time I was weighted down with the world, every thing in our life was a stressful mess, and even looking at the ever growin pile of laundry would send me into tears.  Then I found the post.  Talk about saying what I needed to hear!  I have remembered that post and think about it nearly everyday.

Folded Laundry

Because really there is joy in the mundane.  There is joy in the sock basket, the dust pan, and the linen closet.  Its just up to us to find it.  On the good days its easy to see these little blessings, the little nuggets of joy that come with caring for a family.  On the bad days its not so easy.  On these days I find myself saying a little prayer that I might be able to see something miraculous, something joyful, something wonderful.  Once I open my eyes and calm my mind I can in fact see them.

Island Park Idaho


Sue said...

I enjoyed this post-it's so true. We have to do these chores no matter what.....we might as well get some enjoyment out of them.

Mike said...

Yes, for whatever reason people are so geared towards the next best thing or some huge excitment when it is the simple things in life that can bring the greatest pleasure. My only regret is that it took me so many years to realize this.:)

"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Kris Sherrill said...

I was just thinking about this as I was looking at the messy kitchen. I always love it when it's all done and everything put back in it's place and floors are swept and counters all cleaned off. But just getting there today is taking me awhile for some reason. I just went outside and picked what apples are left after birds and chickens and wasps got theirs. Now I have to make something with them.