Sep 1, 2011

Garden bounty trickles in

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.  Stanley Horowitz


Autumn is my favorite time of year hands down.  There is something wonderful about crisp (or downright cold) mornings, fallen leaves, browning flowers, fog and burning that brings me such joy.  I get all cozy and comfortable feeling.  I want to hunker down, read, cook, and be at home.  It makes me want to hug the kids a few extra times a day and dance silly with them.  Something about it makes Home feel that much better.

Garden Veggies


As fall peeks its head around here I cant help but want to get planning for winter.  I'm going through that pantry counting jars of home preserved goodies, stocking the freezer, and adding extra grass clippings to the garden in preparation for autumn tilling.

The garden knows the routine even better than I do.  The potatoes have started to die off, the onions are following close behind, cabbage is loving the cool nights, the tomatoes not so much.  Everything is finishing off.  Harvests are becoming smaller and fewer.  Ahh there is nothing like a fall(ish) garden to make me truly happy with what we did harvest.  I am always thankful for gardening this time of year.  Without it I don't think I would notice the change of seasons quiet so much.  And without it I wouldn't have the opportunity to marvel at the changes that can happen within on tiny seed.  So incredible.


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