Sep 4, 2011

The fleeting days of summer

We have been packing as much action into the last few days of summer.  School starts tomorrow, extracurricular activities started last week, and our homeschooling co-op begins next week.  While we will still be grabbing moments here and there outside, the long days of relaxation are quickly leaving us.

Our favorite place as of late is a nearby lake.  It's an hour trip up into the mountains on a numbered Forest Service road in bear country (that part freaks me out!).  Its secluded, beautiful and quiet.  The lake is crystal clear and the air is fresh and invigorating.  We all love spending time there.  Last week we packed up and headed north for what will most likely be (close to) our last trip until next year.  It was absolute perfection.

 The lake


Reels and Poles

Slimy Rainbow Trout

Toasted to perfection

Marshmellows and dirt, Yum!


I hope you all are having a fantastic Labor Day weekend. :)

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