Sep 15, 2011

It's got my attention

I admit it, life is hectic right now.  Everyone is going a million miles and directions.  Most nights we are all falling into bed with a deep sigh as we close our eyes.  We are enjoying so many little things right now in these last few days of summer.  Today I walked around town and got sun burned, the warmth was so nice.  I soaked it in, even refusing to answer my phone (Gasp!), just so I could remember it for later this winter.

In these moments of rushing about I find myself picking up a few of the same things, a sort of soundtrack/picture collage of this brief moment in our life.


{If you haven't been introduced to Adele's voice  you must stop reading right now and go check her out.  No one gives me chills faster.  Check out this video.   Sam Payne is who I turn to when it's actually a little quiet, dinner needs to be started, and I am mellow.  love his voice and those he collaborates with.}


{Nourishing Traditions the book I continue to go back to when I want to read more food thoughts and recipes. (Yes I read recipes like others read books.)  Earth to Table, just picked it up at the library.  Loved the cover and a couple of the recipes.  Will be delving into it more this weekend.}


{Growing, Older was given to me last Christmas.  Someday I hope to have has much spunk as Joan Dye Gussow.  She cracks me up and I'd love to meet her sometime.  Her book This Organic Life has been one of my faves for a long time.  If you are into food, read it.  The Green Hour has been recommended in all the places I hang out online.  I picked it up tonight to add to the ever-growing pile of Nature Study books I am reading.  I am obsessed, Nuff said.}


{See that knitting book?  Yeah, I don't knit.  But it's fall and therefore I have to try.  It's an annual tradition like Salsa and Applesauce.  It has a lot of quick projects that are common for charity projects. Sweet! Motivation is always good for me.  Oliver + S makes one of my fave patterns for a quick (and cute) skirt.  When I saw the book I literally dove after it.  Ian didn't know what to think.  The weather changes have had me noticing how we need more bedding, the warm kind.  I grabbed Simplify when I realized she is the designer of my favorite fabric pattern of all times. }

All of these bits and pieces are being looked over, not only by me, but the kids as well.  Caitlin has her eye on a few recipes and quilts.  And I have to say, when I hear her squeal "Oh yum!" from the living room in one breath and the next belt out "The scars of your love leave me breathless and I can't help thinking we could have had it all!" it brings not just a small smile to my lips.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mike said...

We first heard Adele just a few days ago and were absolutely amazed at what a wonderful voice she had.:)

I always buy my Mom a few books for Christmas and was considering Growing Older as one of them. I must admit that I have not read any of Joan Dye Gussow's books before but have been meaning to read her book This Organic Life for a while now. I recently read a book called Stronger Than Dirt by Kimberly Schaye that you might get a kick out of, It revolved around the trials and tribulations of a young couple trying to grow their own veggie's and flowers for market. Humerous and interesting at the same time.:)

Glad to hear you are enjoying these last few days of summer and sunshine, the humdrum of winter and cold will be upon us all soon enough and I for one am not looking forward to it.

Kim said...

Stronger than Dirt sounds like one I would like. I will add it to my amazon list :) You should read This Organic Life. I first read it 6 years ago when we first moved to the country. She has so much sass and she covers a lot of issues regarding food very intelligently. She can go on and on about buying asperagus in February and you never grow tired of it.

Hope you guys are enjoying those last few moments before the cold. I am hoping this winter won't be as severe as last.