Sep 27, 2011

Nature walks

Today after a failed attempt at riding lessons (the instructor was a no-show) I decided to bag all the plans I had and we headed to the nature park.  We had  never been there before but had heard it described as "a swampy place".  Sweet, sounds like a field trip to me!

The couple of hours we roamed we saw mating grasshoppers, a dead snake (recently run over), yellow winged dragonflies, a mallard duck, various female ducks, and geese of all colors and sizes.  The kids were thrilled with the animals and I was entertained with the plant life.  Leaves changing, flowers blooming, wild berries growing, and all of it beginning to show its wear of the season. 

It was one of the perfect moments and I am so glad I got to share it with the kids.

PS.  All pics were taken with my cell  phone so pardon the ummm err lack of color on most of them.

 Fall leaves

wild flowers

Fall pathway

Flower picking

spotted fall leaves


wild berries

spotted fall leaves

Ducks and geese

Duck watching

Duck watching


MamaTea said...

Looks like you made the best of the day! And if my cell phone took pictures like that, I would use it more often! :) Always fun to have the kids out on nature walks, exploring what the world has to offer. And I truly think there isn't any prettier time than fall!

Kim said...

Fall truly is the best time to be out and about. There are so many visable changes that its like a magic show for kids!