Sep 29, 2011

Fall preserving


{Jars fresh from my moms storage room.  Some of these babies had old lids on them that said 1979.  The needed a little washing love!}
Yesterday I spent that day canning pears.  Approximately 100 lbs of pears went through these hands.  100 lbs turned out to be 30 quarts.  Not to bad.  It seemed to take a lot longer than normal, about 6 hours start to finish, and I have to say that I was worn out by the last batch.


The kids wanted to help out since they seek out every opportunity to wield a knife.  So I handed over 3 good knives to the older 3 and gave Laina a smooshed pear and a butter knife.  They had a ball, I have the counters and floor to prove it.



{Binoculars are a must have when preserving, at least that is what the boy tells me.}
All in all it was a great day.  Today I get to start in with peaches, lots and lots of peaches.  At this point I just hope I have enough jars to store everything!

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