Sep 6, 2011

Party for Charity

Our family made a family goal to do at least one service project each month.  We (Dean and I) really want to focus on the importance of service when raising our kids, especially since most kids think of little else but themselves.  We have a few projects in the works like Little Dresses for Africa and ConKerr Cancer but we also wanted to do a project that is close to home.  We've not been sure what to pick up until now.

A friend of mine is a new Usborne book consultant.  I was invited to her party a few weeks ago and somehow walked away agreeing to host a party myself.  I hate parties, really truly hate them.  Moving on, anyway tonight as I was plugging away at the guest list it hit me "We should donate these books to the domestic abuse shelters for Christmas time!".


You see when you host a party for Usborne, you are paid in books.  Lots of fun, colorful, imaginative and fact-filled books.  Until October you get double books.  Sweet deal, except I have a billion books already and while no one can  have too many books, one can definitely have too few books.  And that is where my idea comes in.

The women who find themselves in domestic abuse shelters have nothing left, nothing.  In talking with a coordinator at a shelter in Portland, Or. (years ago) she told me that most women are so broken when they come to a shelter that very little can lift their spirits, especially during Christmas time.  They often have no money, no support system, no job, and no confidence.  Gifts that they can give their children are usually non-existent.

So our goal as a family is to donate all books we receive as payment to a local shelter.  Books are an incredible escape when things are tough, they provide another world to go to when things are just not right in our own.  Books are an amazing escape and outlet and they can provide a little humor, inspiration, and fun.

If you are interested in supporting our family service project click here to browse the catalogue.  All orders are mailed directly to  you. :)  The party closes Sept. 19th at 11:59

Thanks for your help!


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