Oct 25, 2011

Christmas in the making

I know its only October and I shouldn't have Christmas on my mind yet.  However this year we are planning a huge deal for the kids.  They each get one present this year but its a big one and I do mean big.  On the list is: a homemade stable and fences for Caitlin, a workbench for Ian, and a play kitchen for the little girls.  We have a very small budget this year so we started looking now to ensure the best deal.

We started with the little girls.  Our plan was to make the play kitchen pieces found on Ana White in a similar fashion to this one.  So Thursday night we set out to have a great date at Lowe's and Home Depot (my favorite date nights by the way lol).  We decided to make a quick stop at the thrift store beforehand.  Thank heavens we did! 

3 pieces before

Sink before

{Clearly I didn't plan on sharing these photos or I would have made sure the background was er a bit more appealing.  Oh well.  The stove started as a rolling cart.  When we got it home we realized that the previous owners had taken an end table and added to it.  We took off the homemade base and viola! we have a stove.  We will put it on a small base to make it the same height as the sink.  I love the handle on the new sink (above).  I painted them bright white to contrast with the light blue we painted everything.}

We scored all the pieces for the girls kitchen for the price of 3 sheets of plywood!  Woot, I love a good deal.  All pieces have the same dimensions.  Two of the three pieces even have the same trim.

We spent Saturday sanding them down, priming, and painting them.  Everything is coming along perfectly. 



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