Oct 27, 2011

You know your in a funk when.....

1.  it's fall time and you, being a fall lover, have not taken a single picture of the beautiful leaves.

2.  you haven't taken any pictures of any of your children in said beautiful foliage.

3. haven't taken any pictures at all, well except of some moldy bread to prove a point to someone else.

4.  when this is your blog post.

 Ever had one of these weeks?  I'm right in the middle of an over the top pity party BUT I finally feel the fog lifting.  I have new lists and plans (my remedy for anything negative) in the works.  Excel loves me tonight.  I have watched a few funny movies and read a feel good book.  I am almost back.  Almost.  I think with the weekend ahead of me and a plan in my pocket all might be well by Monday.

And if it's not, well I will at least take some pictures and have something interesting to say.

In the mean time I am going to knit, take deep breaths and enter my happy space, because after all this blog is about finding contentment despite our circumstances.  By golly I will be content with a ball of yarn, needles and a little Norah Jones tonight.


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