Oct 4, 2011

Dirty little secrets

Do you have one of those little secrets that if you shared with anyone you would be mortally embarrassed?  Yeah, you to huh?  Well I am not talking about one of those today but it is something dirty and embarrassing.  Since I am posting it on my blog it is no longer a secret.

We have wood floors throughout most of our home.  If you have lived with wood floors you might be able to sympathize a bit here.  I sweep everyday, multiple times a day, just to try to maintain a somewhat less gritty walking surface.  It works sometimes, like when we are sleeping.  Most of the time there is at least something on the floor.  It drives me insane.

Yesterday I sent Dean to the store and I decided to tackle under the couches.  I sweep, I swear I do, but what I found under that couch was mind-boggling.  I stood there with my mouth open for so long one of the kids said "Mom are you alright?  Is it a spider?"  Um no, its dirt and crayons, books, socks, dust bunnies the size of my head, and a million other odds and ends.

Couch gunk

{Grabbing those wonderful "must-haves" like the toy that would not die!  Why do toy makers make noisy toys and why to grandparents give them as gifts!?}

After I gained speech capabilities back (and before I started to cry) I shouted out "Treasure hunt!!"  the kids jumped up and started diving for all those little precious items that they must save.  The mess was cleaned up in about 2 seconds and the kids were thrilled to have found missing odds and ends.

I was happy to see the kids excited and helping clean at the same time.  Secretly in my mind though?  I was inventing a dust sucking machine that I can hide under my sofa that spits back anything other than dust.  I think I could make millions!

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