Oct 3, 2011

What a sticky week

Last week as you know, I ended up with fruit, lots and lots of fruit.  Pears and Peaches made their way to my house late Tuesday night.  They were ripe and ready to do.  Pears went quickly but I had nearly twice as many peaches.  I was dreading them to be honest.

Thursday afternoon I tackled the peaches and with the help of my lovely husband we finished in 3 hours.  We ditched the sugar most recipes call for and opted for honey instead.  Oh so yummy! 

When all was said and done we stocked over 60 bottles of fruit in the pantry.  Not shabby if I may say so.  I have to add that having those lovely little fruits in the pantry makes me happy.  This winter when we are locked inside watching the blizzard close in on us, I will pop open one of these jars and have a little ray of summer sunshine.  Now that makes me smile.

juicy fall peaches

peeled peaches

 fall peaches


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