Nov 9, 2011

Warm and cozy

With the nighttime temps hitting the single digits I find myself getting all things cozy out.  We have blankets, slippers, sweaters, coats, and mittens on every surface in every room.  It seems that we all want to snuggle down in and hibernate for the coming months. 

Down comforter

I've heard it predicted the coming winter will be a doozy unlike any seen for many,many years.  If that happens we are prepared here with lots of fluff to keep us warm and lots of stuff to keep us entertained. 

Card games top the list of things to do these days.  We play hours of Go Fish, Solitaire, and War.  Building blocks are not far behind.  Today we have had a secret fortress, a machine that helps Ian know the future that hasn't happened (his words not mine), a building slated for demolition by my 2lb weights (I'm a weakling), and the worlds longest laser gun complete with a tri colored scope.  Have any idea who plays with the blocks the most?  The girls are cloaked in pioneer clothing and tutus because even pioneer children liked to go to the ballet.

As the temperatures drop a little more each day, I find that the temperature inside is just nice and cozy.  Kinda like the feeling I have in my heart when I hear these little monsters shout todays magic word "Love!" and race for hugs.  Oh yes the weather outside is frightful but in here is so delightful.

Todays Thanks:

(a little longer since I forgot to post yesterday)


1. This little girl who spent the night sick, for even though she was not her best self she let me cuddle and soothe her till all hours of the night.

Entry bench

2. New entry way seating and shoe storage.  Those are dollar store trays painted brown with a cooling rack on top.  All wet and dripping shoes go there.  Empty the tray each night and with any luck my floors will be spared a lot of splatters, slips, and ick.

Childrens framed art

3. Kids artwork.  I framed these at the end of that hall.  Each time I walk down I get a smile in my heart (and face).  They brighten my day.

Books for charity

4. Charity boxes.  Cleaning, organizing, and giving away are a balm to my sometimes stressful days.  I love to give things away even more than I love to buy or receive things.  It makes me happy.

5. Magic words that make everyone run for hugs.

6. Tutus and bare bottoms.  Who knew that pulling something up was so dang funny.

7. Concentration that warrants a tonge sticking out.  You know someone is thinking hard when their tonge is out.

8. Gift ideas as birthdays and holidays draw near.  Stories, jewelry, coupons, service....their ideas are endless and most often inspired.  These little monsters really do pay attention to every little thing that goes on.

9. Kind words

10.  My washer and dryer.  The sickness from last night would have been nasty to clean by hand.  Thank heavens for modern appliances!



Mike said...

Yes, I have read that there might be some pretty serious winter weather in your area this season...hopfully not too bad. I see you have snow and pretty chilly conditions already...sounds like you are prepared for it though. Our first snow is expected this next week...we shall see. Stay warm and keep having fun with the kids, they will remember these days.:) Hope your daughter is feeling better today.

Jane said...

Such a great reminder to always be thankful, especially for the little things! Your house looks gorgeous btw!