Nov 8, 2011

Let it snow

It's that time of year where two seasons are so close that they seem to overlap each other a bit.  Fall doesn't last long around here, at least not the fall that comes to mind first.  Most of our fall season is spent in the freezing cold with more than just a little snow.  It's a wet time of year for us.  This year looks like it will be no exception.

 snowy pumpkins

fresh snow

With the snow on the ground and wind in the trees we have found ourselves closed up in the close quarters of the house.  There has been a lot of sewing (the kids), knitting (Caitlin), building (Ian), decorating (me), and "helping" (the littlest ones).  The house has been organized a bit but more importantly we have had moments of stillness.  These wonderous moments last for only a short time but they still happen each day. 

Each night we curl up on the couch, the little ones snuggled on my lap, the other two wherever they fit, and we read.  We read book after book giggling together or sighing with sadness.  These moments I look forward to each day. 

As the snow builds up and the temperature drops, I hope that we can come together for these little moments a few extra times each day.  A mom can only hope.

I hope you all are enjoying your seasons, whatever they may  be.

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