Feb 1, 2012

All the colors of the rainbow

Hello again!  We finally have internet and all is right witht he world.  Okay maybe that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean.  To be totally honest I didn't miss the internet except when the post office told me that I can no longer forward my mail in the actual building, it has to be done online.  Grrr that is kind of difficult when you have NO internet people. I wanted to give you a bit of a tour of our new digs.  Just for history sake here, the house was part of a large farm that included 2 houses, barns, and lots of land.  The man had a son who lived next door with his family for many years.  After dad died the son moved in to our current home where he and his wife Zola (freakin' awesome name is it not) lived until alzheimers took Zola to a place where no one could follow.  As a couple, they relocated to Utah to a facility that could keep an eye on Zola and where he could still be near her.  (Such a sweet love story in there I think).

The house was built and then loved by the same family for more than 70 years.  Everything is immaculate with the exception of ripped wall paper in the kitchen/dining room.  I hope to rememdy that little problem with a lot of scraping and fresh paint.

All of that is really pointless to this post though.  Today we are talking about flooring.  Flooring is amazing stuff right?  I know I am thankful that we have come a long way from dirt packed floors.  So as to share with all of you the lovely-ness of this house I present you with the floors.  I will let them do their own speaking because really there are no words I can express that justify all that is our floor coverings. (PS I totally LOVE the green)

{Hall carpet against the girls bedroom carpet. The blue is uber soft and fluffy.}


{Hall carpet against bathroom tiles.  You'll notice the cotton candy pink paint in the pic....yeah the whole bathroom is painted pink.}


{Dining room against the from room.  This pic does not do the green any justice.  It is a very rich vibrant lime green.  And I do mean lime!  It looks great with our brown couches.  A fabric store trip is in my future for some crazy curtains.}


{Dining room against kitchen floor.  Boring and blah, not to mention ugly linoleum that goes throught the kitchen and laundry room.}


{Ahhh the lovely lovely downstairs delght.  This bright read beauty covers ALL of the down stairs, minus the one room that is covered in fabric squares of all different colors.  It really is that bright and it really is everywhere.  The couch was left here by the owners.  Its broken in (wayyyyy in), soft and just perfect for movie watching.}


And now for a few special treats that have nothing to do with floor coverings.

{Pink, black and white bathroom.  Its growing on me but not enough to like it.  Maybe if every surface wasn't pink I could like it.  In fact I know if we painted everything the tile would actually look kind of cool.  In the mean time I pretend that I am stuck in a cotton candy vat at the fair....kidding I don't do that}


{In case the happiness of the blue and white carpet wasn't enough for you, rest assured the faux fur cornice boxes over the windows will perk you right up!  Yes electric blue faux fur valances adorn the windows in this room.  Ahh creativity at its best.}


{Wall paper.  Every inch of wall space in the kitchen and dining room is covered in this lovely little heart/berries/flower motif.}


While I am poking fun at the color spectrum we find ourselves in, I do want to say that I am oh so thankful to be in this house.  The events that led to it are nothing short of miraculous.  Everything points to this is the place for us right now.  The house is incredible with all the little details that new houses lack these days.  The nooks and crannies, built ins, and thought that was put into this house bring a smile to may face daily.  The transition was nearly perfect and for that I couldn't be happier.

So while I may get dizzy when I walk into some rooms, I am pleased as punch to have this big ole' brick house for this crazy family of mine.  Thank heavens for miracles.

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Jane said...

Oh my gosh, hahaha! They sure loved their colors, I guess! All the colors of the rainbow! Glad you got moved in and now the fun begins.... I think that blue and white carpet was in my parents house!!