Mar 21, 2012

Celebrations of all sorts

This last week was a good one around here.  We celebrated 2 birthdays.  Both were met with big smiles, cake and laughter.  Can't beat that now can you?  Lauren turned 4 and Ian 7.  I can not wrap my head around how fast time goes by.  I remember the day they were both born with such clarity.  I owe them a big post where I go on and on about each of them.  After all those posts are as much tradition as our awesome birthday bunting we hang and the gold birthday sack we wrap their gifts in.




This past weekend I had the opportunity to go hang out with 2000 other women for a conference that not only inspired me but really helped to kick the doom and gloom that has been sitting on my shoulders as of late.  There is nothing like filling up on inspiring thoughts.  I have pondered many things since and I have to say it fills me with hopeful anticipation of the future.  I think we all can use that kind of soul speaking every once in a while.


Spring!!  Can I get a big Amen!?  Seriously with a winter that hardly seemed worthy of the word, I have been antsy to see spring in the fields and feel the warmth on my face.  What is it about this time of year that just puts a little pep in your step?  The trees are getting some plump nubs up and down the branches, there is green grass all along the roadsides and I dare say the wind actually felt nice (well after 1pm today, before that it was biting!).  The days are longer and so are the shadows.  My favorite time of day is sunset when everything is bathed in oranges and shadows are long over the road.  Ahhh spring, spring, spring.


And our last celebration of the week was our family night.  We try to have family night once a week.  This week we wanted to talk with the kids about being thankful for what we have, something I have struggled with SOOO much as of late.  We played pictionary, drawing out things that we are thankful for.  Lauren won the night with this drawing of scuba diving.  Yes, scuba diving.  apparently somewhere along the line my land locked 4 year has been scuba diving and she is very thankful for it.  The moment has brought many smiles to my face since.  These kids of mine are a wonderous gift for sure.



{You can see it right?  The scuba diving?  I have to say I am married to an amazing man.  He was the only one who could figure out just what this was.}

Hows that for a post!  Probably the most mish-mash group of celebrating but its all about those small moments is it not?  Today I can say with complete certainty that those small moments are the things that can keep us afloat when it seems like the world is a storm.  How grateful I am to be able to see them.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  It's supposed to be in the 60's here, no way will you find me tied to the computer!  I think picnics, soccer, and dare I say a little gardening are all on the agenda.

Adios amigos!

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