Mar 1, 2012

I'm alive with a Health focus

Around the first of the year I started to ponder my goals, or rather my one all-encompassing goal for the year, Health.  It was during this pondering time I came to the conclusion I needed to stop stressing blogging.  I mean really?  It's a blog not some crazy life changer for the masses.  You see I have this issue, I stress about everything.  I am a controlling personality that has to have everything in line and that includes the blog.  I stress that I am not posting enough, not posting interesting things, not enough people are reading, too many people are goes on and on.  So at the beginning of the year I said "Enough is enough. I'll post when and what I want and that's the end of it."  To be honest it has been exhilarating not to feel tied to this blog of mine, even though it does bring me lot of joy.  I tell ya I am a person full of contradictions.


Anyway if I go for periods of silence, bear with me I'm probably in a funk or more likely busy homeschooling this brood of mine and living life.

Moving on...

I mentioned earlier (or maybe not hmm) that as part of my health themed year I was going to change the ole' diet.  And I did.  Starting at the beginning of February I started following a book called "Crazy Sexy Diet".  Rather than a fad diet it is more about life changes to make us healthier (like tossing stress in the garbage!).  In the book there is a 21 day cleanse which basically consists of drinking green juices until lunch time, then eating 60% raw vegetables and 40% cooked food.  It does advocate a vegan or at least vegetarian diet for this cleanse which was no problem with me.  In the end I found that I have been having issues with dairy for many years.  Taking it out of my diet has done AMAZING things for my body, of which I won't bore you.  If you haven't heard of the book (and don't mind some crassness along the way) I urge you to check it out.  It has made a world of difference in my health so far.


Also around the first of the month I had a long look at myself and came to accept that fact that I have a big issue....I am a fixer.  I want to fix everyone's problems and I get so blasted irritated when they wont do what I say!  I often find myself on the receiving end of personal information from lots of friends and family, and often I'm asked for advice.  Much to my dismay the advice is rarely heeded (duh!).  I don't take it personal at all (really I don't) but I do start to question the sanity of others.  So at the beginning of the month, after a LONG talk with a counselor friend, I said no more.  Can I just say, Oh my word! It has been so liberating not to get sucked into the drama of others lives!  In some cases I have stopped asking questions, in others not giving advice what so ever.  I have never felt better because of it.  While I sum this all up briefly, it has been a long time coming that I get to this point, a very long time.

That sums up my work for my Health theme thus far.  I do feel amazing both mind and body and I am excited to working towards more balance and health.

unrelated is the new house.  What a great joy it has been to live here so far.  We had one small scare where the house almost burned down but hey, every good thing needs a little action right.  The landlords gave us permission (Thank Heavens!!) to paint whatever we want and to tear all the horrible wallpaper down.  The wallpaper came down just hours after finding out the news. :)  It was a regular ole' party that night.

The weather has been crazy and for the first time in many years I haven't yet started to think of seeds, gardening or canning.  The weather has caused an imbalance in me!  Caitlin on the other hand is gung-ho!  She (accidentally) started wheat in a small canister.  It has been sitting in the window for a week now.  I have to say seeing those shoots of green have brought more than one smile to my face.  Oh it's just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited.



So far this year the changes have quick and I have to say they have been most welcome.  As the days grow longer and life continues on, I find myself falling into bed muttering the same phrase every night, "I am so thankful for this life I lead".

Until next time friends...

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Julie said...

((hugs)) way to go girl! And I get the whole worry thing.... That's me too! Love you!