Apr 2, 2012

Spring seeding


Seeds hold such lovely possibilities don't they?  I started a flat of tomatoes a few days ago when the weather tricked me into thinking I may get away with planting early this year.  As I had my hands in the dirt, the open window letting a breeze hit my face, I couldn't help but think we all start as simple as a seed.  We are filled with the same limitless possibility and yet sometimes we don't think we are worth much more than the dirt that coated my hands.  I often wonder about that, where along our life road we get these thoughts that we aren't good enough.  I know mine have come from many places over the years.  This year though I decided to toss all that crap out.  This year I have decided that I am a pretty rockin' kind of gal and I have a lot to offer, just like my tiny little tomato seeds.  Funny the things you find yourself pondering while sowing a flat of seeds.

PS- In case you are wondering my tomato line up this year is here you go:

Rutgers, Striped Roman, San Marzano, Gills All Purpose, Heinz, Black Prince, Great White, Striped German and Sweetie Cherry.

I've had mixed reults with all of the above.  Some years they all take and grow 6ft tall and other years everything dies as soon as I transplant.  We are in a new zone this year.  The garden plot is non existant right now.  I hope that these two factors don't lead to large losses.  I would love to get a decent crop from all.  I do have wall-o-waters this year, something I have shunned in previous years. :)  Here's hoping.

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