Apr 8, 2012

Weekend Kitchen

With the holiday this weekend  we spent a lot of time in the kitchen as a family.  Caitlin made sourdough crackers (no pics, they were gone to quickly), while I made sourdough bread, 20 burgers, crock pot oatmeal, boiled eggs, fried rice and Dean made oatmeal cookies.  Of course there was lots of help from everyone involved, more than a few spills, but through it all we kept the smiles.  That honestly was the best part.

sourdough bread

free range egg
{For those who don't think there is a difference in fresh eggs and farm raised grocery store eggs, here's your proof. The bright orange egg is from a healthy free range chicken, filled with omega's. The light yellow egg is an old store-bought egg. It's so sad. :(}


{Me painted by Lauren. I'd say the likeness is quite strong. I may have a prodigy on my hands.}

{Come on grow babies!! You can do it!}

We had a wonderful holiday weekend spent with family, filled with good food, and of course laughs.  I love when a weekend goes so smoothly.  Up this week, the Chicken Coop (otherwise known as the Poultry House of Awesomeness), more seed starting, garden tilling, playing with goats, and quiet possibly some sewing.  Hoping that your week is filled with goodness too.

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