Apr 9, 2012

I win the yogurt battle....sort of

After my post about flopping yogurt I received lots of great suggestions on how to fix my probiotic issues.  Mrs. Z commented on my post with a link to this great post on her blog.  Crock pot yogurt!  I have tried lots of crock pot suggestions over the years but most of them have used the crock pot as a warmer, not the actual milk holder.  After reading Mrs. Z recipe I decided to give it a try.

 Crock pot goat yogurt

Goat yogurt


While the yogurt did in fact set (SCORE!!) it did not get as thick as I'd hoped.  It is the consistency of a thick kefir which I have to say I love!!  Tomorrow this yummy goodness will be poured over fresh granola.  So a big thanks to Mrs. Z!

Now another yogurt question for you guru's out there....

If I strain this yogurt at its current consistency, will I be able to get a ticker Greek style yogurt?


Dede said...

I have a yogurt maker and never even thought of using the crock pot! What a great idea :) Mine gets thicker than kefir, but never as thick as I would like it to be - though goat milk seems to set up the thickest for me.

Katie Geberin said...

Hello! I came over here from GNOWFGLINS via Simple Lives Thursday. I make my own yogurt all the time, and the only time I've had trouble with it thickening was when my mother insisted upon not letting it incubate for more than 5 hrs, it was the second time we made yogurt together (the first time it flopped because the temp went too high, oops!). We always incubate it at least 10 hrs now. Also we just did a side by side comparison between FAGE (greek) and a skyr yogurt I found at the store, and the FAGE was totally thicker, and we incubated them right next to each other in the toaster oven.

I really think it's the length of time that makes the most difference in thickness. But of course you can strain it and make it thicker, that's how they originally made greek yogurt, but I'm sure you knew that already :)

Hope this helps,