Sep 12, 2012

Bring it on and GIVEAWAY

It's my new life motto.  After months of ups and downs and twists and turns I think we have finally hit straight road, at least for a few weeks.  We have battled our way through one family mess to another.  We've had kids so sick hospitalization was looking like the only option (more on how we avoided that to come!), we've decided to sell our business, van repairs surprised us two weeks in a row (I was not a happy camper) and on top of that we had a few personal issues arise that no one saw coming.  It has been a summer of trials for us.  At the beginning of the summer I think I would have said that I could not take another trial and be able to come out alive.  Oh how I would have been a liar.  Now that we are on this side of it all I am finding myself just a bit more relaxed, a bit more at peace, and a bit more optimistic.  In fact optimistic is high on my list right now.

Through all the struggles and trials of this period we have also had great bursts of creativity and brain power.  Over couple months time, together Dean and I wrote a list of all that we wanted to accomplish in our life.  The list was long and varied as one would expect but one common topic that kept popping up was we wanted to have a family business that could change others lives for the positive yet would be able to cover what we need financially.  We also wanted a creative outlet to burn off stress.  After our list making we found that our current business had  more cons than pros because of the added stress.  In the end we decided to combine our talents and open an online business.

Dean had a simple PDF out at one time but after lots of feedback from users, decided that it just didn't meet the varying needs of his students.  We tossed the PDF and created an entire web-based curriculum for kids ages 8-18 (give or take depending on maturity and ability).  The course features videos, lessons, forums, recital space, and more.  We really tried to think of everything in this program and I think we just about nailed it.  We have about 6 more weeks till our launch and I couldn't be more excited.  This business will make it so our family can get back on track with our goals of simplicity.  (For me stress does not equal simplicity!!)

So if you are interested in supporting a small family business and you want quality online kids guitar lessons AND you want to get them for free (possibly) then you should head over to the Guitar with Dean site, watch the video and enter your email.  We will be sending out an email when our Grand Opening week will be and we will be announcing the winners of the free guitar lesson contest (there will be 5).  I would love for all of your support as this is a huge step for our family.  If you have a mind to, please pass on the information to whoever you think will be interested.  Pin it, Tweet it, or plunk it down in your status.  However you want to share would be much appreciated.

PS if you don't want to go to the website you can simplify and enter your email below.

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