Oct 8, 2012

Healing Wheat Grass Salve


I have mentioned here and there that we have had some major medical issues this year.   We have and it hasn't been very lovely.  One of my girls has spent the majority of the summer on the couch within dashing distance to the bathroom.  After much testing we still have no answers.  Over the summer my girl lost 7 pounds, quit eating, had lymph problems, digestion issues and to top it all off an anal fissure.  Never heard of that last one?  It's exactly what it sounds like.  A rip in the anal canal. (Hows this for blog topics huh!).  My girl has had it since shortly after her birth due to digestion issues and liver function.  It's never been a big deal until this summer.  The Nimrod's, er I mean Doctors, we took her to suggested steroid creme, imodium AD, Vaseline and hemorrhoid medicines to help her out.  Surprisingly  none of these helped.  So as the summer wore on my girl would cry hysterically at the thought of the bathroom, not eat for fear of the bathroom, and lay still 90% of the time so as not to move, bump or rub against this tear.  As the tear becomes more and more irritated it becomes swollen and becomes as hard as the tip of your nose.  You can imagine how this prevents a regular bathroom trip from being much fun.  So where is all this bathroom talk leading?  My Mega Awesome Green Lotion.

I often find myself researching odd things late at night.  One particular night I found myself researching anal fissures.  An interesting mix of information was out there but there was one thing they all had in common, rarely did anyone find relief from it at any point in their lifetime.  Even after extensive surgery most still had pain and other complications.  I don't want that for my girl.  So with many more hours of checking I stumbled upon a wheat grass based lotion that was said to cure anal fissures or at the least, provide great relief.  The only kicker was the company was based out of Australia and shipped only in Australia.  They have an US affiliate based out of California but at $30 bucks a bottle I didn't want to take the time (or the money) to order one.  So to the kitchen I went.

In the course of 30 min I was able to whip up a fairly comparable product.  I was interested to see if it worked.  I woke my girl up and slathered the stuff on.  In the AM she came running up the stairs to tell me that it had shrunk.  She is a bit of a drama queen so I didn't believe her 100%.  Sure enough, that sucker shrunk by nearly half in 12 hours!  Within a week she could go to the bathroom without pain and within 2 weeks the bump was nearly normal sized and soft as a baby's bottom (couldn't help myself!).

Since the initial batch we have used it on hives, splinters, rashes, scratches, cuts, dry skin, scaly heels, and my personal favorite, a rusty nail through my foot.  In all cases we saw results within 12 hours and complete healing within just a few days with no scarring.   Want to give my Mega Awesome Green Lotion a try?  I thought you might.

green salve

--Healing Wheat Grass Salve--

Fresh wheat grass juice (I pulverized mine in the blender since I don't have a juicer)

Coconut oil- Important as this oil gives it the thickness it needs

Olive Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil

Almond Oil

Walnut Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Vitamin E

Tea Tree Oil


Choose at least 3 of the oils, one being coconut (I used all of the above in the first batch).  Mix 1TBS each together.  Mix in wheat grass juice.  Snip the tip off 1 capsule of Vit E.  Add 2 drops tea tree oil.  Mix everything very well.  Put in fridge until solid all the way through.  Use for any topical treatment you can think of.  Store in the fridge.

The measurements are all suggestions.  There really isn't a science behind my calculations. :)  Give it a try and let us know how your results have been.  Next time I want to add a bit of beeswax to make it a bit more stabilized.




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Wonderwoman said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go mom! Seek and ye shall find...that's my motto. Sounds like the poor little thing had a miserable summer. Hope all that's in the past.

Kim said...

We hope so too! Poor kid was hating life. However the whole experience has taught her mom isn't so crazy after all :)

Abbi said...

That is so neat that you found a natural answer that works!

Jane said...

Oh my gosh - that is awesome that it is helping! I must admit to never hearing of an anal fissure, but it sounds PAINFUL! I'm glad your natural remedy is working!!

Natalia said...

This is very interesting to me as I have a child with hemorrhoids--at least I assume that's what they are, I hadn't heard of fissures being enlarged as I always though of fissures being a cut. So from your research, do you think wheatgrass would be good for hemorrhoids too? This could really help.

Kim said...

I think it could help a lot. Everything pointed to the wheat grass juice helping repair skin cells at a rapid level. The skin was shown to be stronger once repaired. I even read a story of a lady who used wheat grass juice internally (in her uterus) to prevent having a hysterectomy. The wheat grass juice has such a high level of nurtients that the skin, organs, blood soak it all up. I would give it a shot. I could make a huge difference for your kiddo. Good luck.

Suzi said...

Wow, I could have used this information a few years ago! I had been struggling with hemorrhoids, and was having complications, when I found myself with a fissure. As with your sweet girl, Dr's recommended the steroid cream, which I tried in an effort to avoid surgery, then a nitroglycerin cream--really!--and it helped, but I stilled "ended up" in the O.R. I was fortunate and it healed well, and I learned the hard way that I needed to switch my diet, and have been on a whole foods journey since then. I have also been learning everything I can about natural healing (I always questioned western medicine anyway) and especially how I can heal myself.
I am DEFINITELY making some of this "salve," and will keep it in several medicine cabinets as well as my desk at work!
Side note--I would think that you could do a wheatgrass enema in crisis situations, but recommend being fully familiar with the process before trying it. What do you think?

Alea said...

How long will this potion keep with the wheat grass juice in it?

Kim said...

We have kept ours for a month or so with no changes to color, smell, texture. It seemed to work as well at the month mark as it did in the beginning. This is something I will have to keep an eye out about. Hopefully I can report back with a more exact answer. Just make sure its kept in the fridge! :)