Jan 5, 2013

Things in the works

10 things you don't know about me:

1.  I get sick in the sun so therefore spend very little time outside in the summer, unless it's in the garden. (Sad but true)

2. I once got so sunburnt that the tops of my thighs got blisters the size of quarters.  I had to wear booty shorts for 2 weeks, sit in vinegar and melted 20 lbs of ice over my legs.  I couldn't shave my legs.  Booty shorts, blisters, and amazonian legs, I was a sight to be hold.  I still have the scars from this.

3.  I have never been an amazonian lady.  You can't see my leg hair unless the light hits it then it sparkles like Edward in the less than wonderful  Twilight films.



4.  I love winter.  Wait, you probably knew that one.

5.  I am terrified of skiing therefore I have never tried it.  Just to much motion for my liking.

6.  I love to drive fast, race car style fast.

7.  I have a deep fear of dying/being in a fire.  Seriously.  I wake up in the middle of the night to check wood stoves, curling irons, crock pots, etc just to make sure they are okay and not likely to instantly ignite.

8.  I have just an itty bitty bit of anxiety.  After the previous 7 things I bet you could have figured that one out yourself. :)

9.  I am a Gemini.  The dual personality lives here.  In a good way.  In a "No I don't need medication or intensive therapy way".

10.  Cinnamon Rolls are my idea of dessert.  I don't really care for cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream or most candies.  A cinnamon roll is like comfort in an ooey gooey package.  I dig that.

***Just want to give you all a big heads up that there are big things in the works for I'm Naturally Simple.  If you find yourself at the site and things look crazy, we've disappeared, or some other oddity, just check back later.  I am a woman armed with a list, a plan, and just enough skill to make myself dangerous!***

PS The 10 things list has nothing to do with anything.  Just breaking some writers block.




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