Feb 12, 2013

How things change

Around here things never stay the same.  This is both a blessing and a curse for one who does not like change.  Actually I love change, as long as it implemented by myself.   I am a mastermind planner, schemer (in a good way), and dreamer.  You know what I hate though?  When the world changes so fast I can't keep up.  I hate that I feel off balance and out of kilter.  That said, sometimes the very best changes we experience can come from others.  Such has been our last month.

Maybe it's because I chose to start the year off with a fresh out look and frame of mind, or maybe it's because we decided as a family to look on the bright side every single day, or maybe it's just because life happens sometimes, but we have found ourselves in a pretty happy little spot.

Our guitar business is slowly picking up interest all over the web, we have new outside employment that includes benefits (Holy Moly! That's a novelty we haven't had in many many years), we have slowly found a new stride in our home school and the kids continue to grow and surprise us.  Oh how things change.

We have a new family member, a beautiful dog who will one day weigh as much as my husband.  We joined a new home school co-op that we are loving, I am teaching more classes than ever before, and the kids are making more friends.  Change is good.

Even though all this change that surrounds me has be good, wonderful and beautiful most days, I am so thankful for the things that do not change.  Our marriage, this family, long time friends, and the love we have for each other.  In the past when I was struggling with life I would often be grateful for such a simple thing as love.  Through change, trial, and triumph it's always there, surrounding me with it's warmth and comfort.

I say bring on change and triumph (I'm a bit tapped on the trial portion of life right now) cause I got lots of love.

And after all.....


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