May 22, 2013

New phases of life

Lately it seems like every time I turn around something is changing.  Some days I struggle to keep up and other days I embrace it all with arms wide open.  I am always amazed at quickly life changes, how one simple moment or decisions shifts everything.  We have had many of these moments in the last month with many more to come.  I have to say with the weather warming, flowers blooming and the bees buzzing, I feel like I can roll with the punches a little better.  It's amazing how a little sunshine makes everything....well sunnier. :)



Business-  Years ago I had a little etsy shop that I started.  I had a handful of sales with great success.  Then life happened (ie 2 unplanned little girls entered the mix) and sewing was put on the back burner,  waaaayyyyyy on the back burner.  Now I am back to sewing again.  Today is the first day I have a deal listed on pinkepromise, a daily deal boutique.  It goes until Saturaday so check it out.  These skirts are super cute (there is even a Chevron option)!


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Adoption-  We have just one week left of training classes.  This Saturday we meet a prospective child to adopt.  We are a little freaked out about this as it will catapult us into the teen phase of life.  Oh boy!  We are looking at a few different children and this is the first of those we will meet.

Farm-  Through a little side business called Cowgirls Country Kitchen, Caitlin was about to make cookies to sell.  With the proceeds she earned enough to buy two horses (a very good deal coming from a friend).  Ida and Hercules are beautiful and a very welcome addition to Caitlin's world.  We also purchased 4 rabbits a couple weeks ago, a meat breeding trio and a Mini Rex for Ian's 4h project.  Add to that we also have a bunch of chicks, 2 ducks and are established flock.  We are bursting at the seams most days.  We've talked about finding land and building a house but just aren't sure we want to commit to such a large mortgage.  The market here just doesn't have what we want, or at least not for a price we are willing to pay.

003 004 006

Garden-  It's all in and it looks awesome!  Although the neighbor came over to tell me we have a huge morning glory problem in the exact spot I planted the garden.  Awesome.  If you know of a natural organic way to get rid of the most pesky plant on the planet, I am all ears.  Leave a comment please!

That's about it around here.  We are busy running non stop as we have project after project going.  This weekend we are headed to Yellowstone National Park, a Memorial Day family tradition.  In the very near future I am going to share some free patterns and a couple frugal health care items.  My idea notebook is spilling over with ideas, it's time to get sharing them!

Wishing you all a fabulous finish to the week and a lovely weekend.

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Nicole said...

You're an amazing photographer! I love and miss the country life!