Apr 7, 2013

Spring has finally come



I love autumn and winter.  I look forward to them all year but without fail February comes and all I can dream of is April/May.  This year we had horribly cold temperatures, -35 on some mornings, for weeks.  I started looking forward to spring time in January!  Now it is here.  The robins are bouncing all over our yard, baby chicks are under a heat lamp in the garage, 14 fruit trees have been pruned, a garden tilled and goats are headed our way on Friday.  We will have baby goats born some time in May which will be so dang cool!  Today we were given two horses by friends who are moving to the city.  I picked up a contract sewing job that will put a little extra cash in my pockets sporadically throughout the year.  Spring is finally here and so much change has come with it.

I think the biggest change for us will be our family.  We have started the process to adopt.  Yikes!  This crazy plan of ours has been met with some hesitancy from family which is a bit frustrating.  For those around us it has come out of the blue, however Dean and I talked about adopting long before we were married.  We have talked about it on and off for years but the time never felt right.  Possibly because we never lived in an area that was "home" and we've never really had a support system that extends into the community.  Over the last year we have met an amazing counselor whose primary work is with kids who have unstable family histories, we have in place a home school community that is filled with all types of families including multiracial adoptive families (hard thing to come by in our neck of the woods), great pediatricians, a huge group of teens that are active in the community, arts, service etc.  We really live in a place that fits all of our families current and future needs.  In all of our talking, praying, pondering and researching we have chosen to adopt from the foster care system.  Within the system we are deeply considering either a teen or a sibling group.  We will be a licensed to take two children unless there is a sibling group of 3 (possibly 4) that can not be split.  All of the steps will be completed by the first week or so in June.  After that we will be available to either have foster kids with us or to look within the agency to adopt.  We already have one boy in mind.  As we continue on with the process we (he and us) will be able to determine if the match is a good one.

So yes Spring and Sprung and with it comes much change, growth and life.  In all these changes I run my word "Choose" through my head.  So many opportunities have presented themselves this year.  So many chances to choose.  In December when I found my word I had no idea it was going to so perfectly fit what this year had in store for us.  What a perfect inspiration.


PS. I have a camera filled with pictures of our little mini farm (or at least the beginnings of it!) but it's midnight and I can't find the camera cord.  I guess that is what I get for taking so long to post.


Kim said...

My three eldest children were adopted through the foster care system at 18 months, 7 months and 6 months. They are now 19, 16 and nearly 15. Best decision (and toughest) of my life. God bless your efforts and your decision making. Totally worth it (though you've figured that out already!)

Abby said...

How cool! I think adopting would be so hard and so amazing at the same time. I hope it works out for you!