Jul 17, 2014

And down come the walls

The first night we saw the house, our neighbor (who was showing the house to us) casually mentioned he would tear out the master bedroom wall that faced the entry way.  We walked on and that was that.  Since closing, I've found myself sitting on the stairs more than once and just staring at that wall.  The more I've stared, the more I saw the wisdom in his words.

The master bed was the only bedroom on the main floor.  The main floor was also without a family room because we converted that to a dining room the day of closing (more on that later).  Whenever we had guests, the kids would go upstairs and adults would sit at the kitchen table.  While that isn't a horrible set up, it meant that my kitchen needed to be clean all the time.  So not going to happen!

This past weekend during a moment of boredom I mentioned to my husband that I thought the wall should come down to make the entire main floor company accessible.  He agreed as he read his book.  Little did he know I meant that very moment.  I found all the tools and stacked them in the hall.  Next thing he knew, he was ripping out a wall.  When we first started the project we thought we wanted a half wall to divide the space up a bit.  Once we got it, it just broke the space up too much.  We ended up removing then entire wall.

These are the before and during pictures.  The room is still torn up as we complete the small tasks like removing molding, carpet tack strips, etc.

wall out pic

during pic

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