Jul 18, 2014

The Big Plan

rv trip

As a child I always dreamed I would see the world.  As an avid reader, I found myself wanting to go any place the heroine of my book was.  Ireland, Europe, Australia, Chicago, NYC, or even small made up towns in rural Nebraska.  With a good cast of characters, any place can seem like a dream.  This desire to travel has not waned as I've grown older.  I still read a book and instantly want to go there.  The need to travel, to experience other places has become sort of an obsession.

My husband on the other hand is one of those people who has been blessed with loads and loads of contentment.  Sure, a nice vacation is something he enjoys, but home is where is heart and roots are.  You can imagine that these polar opposites have been a struggle at times in our marriage.  He has never understood my desire to see something new and I've never understood his need to just be where he is.


Last month I started plotting The Plan of all plans.  I started lists of pros and cons so I was prepared.  I priced equipment, read maps and travel blogs, I did as much research as possible before I presented The Plan.  It went down like this:

"Hey babe, I've got an idea that I feel would be highly beneficial for our family at this point in our lives.  I think we should take a year and travel the country."  I held my breath trying to figure out which con he would list first.

His mulled it over for a minute or two and then said "Sounds good to me.  When do you want to leave?"

Uhhhhh, this wasn't how this conversation was supposed to go and honestly it took me by surprise.  From there the conversation took off with ideas of how to make it work, how to work from the road, how to actually do the traveling, etc.

I'm pleased to say we not only have a plan A, but also plans B,C,D, and E.  I think this might actually happen!


Here's the very rough plan at this point:

-Test drive RV's with the goal to purchase in Jan.

-Update and reconfigure RV to support 6 people comfortably

-Plan a loose itinerary of sites we want to see

-Begin establishing multiple streams of income from online, freelance, and other work.

-Downsize in a big way come April

-Rent house

-Leave in May, heading to Northern Idaho first then onto Montana


Obviously this is a very simplified list of what needs to be done but it's a start.  I'll continue to update as we plan and prepare for a most awesome adventure.

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