Jul 24, 2014

It's all about education

With such a large scale adventure in our future, it's time to hit the books (and websites).  Tonight while in town I picked up a few books to start looking through.  Our family adventure in an RV is going to be a relaxed affair but if there is a giant frying pan in Arizona, I think a photo op is a must ya know.  There is so much to see in this amazing country that it will be hard to decide what to visit and what to pass up.  I highly doubt we will ever have this opportunity to do something like this again so we'd like to pick the best of the best.

Here are the books I picked up tonight:

I also picked up a kit with pamphlets from each National Park in the country.  I'm hoping between the two books and the kits, we will be able to get a good feel for each park and what we will see/learn.  I'm also curious to see which ones are more RV and long term camping friendly.    The Waterfall Lover's Guide looks pretty dang awesome.  It features numerous waterfalls found throughout the Pacific Northwest.  There are multiple that require quite a bit of hiking to get to.  We want to include as many day hikes as possible.  The promise of a waterfall will keep everyone motivated on the trail.  Family Adventures just looked like fun.  Plus I will be storing tips for long term travel with kids so lets hope it delivers.

Our plan is to visit only a few big cities: St. Louis, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Austin, and maybe a few more.  The rest of the time we want to spend our time in the country, national parks and the otherwise unseen places.  While history will be a large focus of our school studies while on the road, we will also be focusing a lot on biology and ecology.  Having the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and the Everglades in the same year doesn't come around very often.  The biological diversity we will get to study hands on just makes me giddy.  We will most likely be using a nature journal to record all of our findings and observations.  We've talked about getting the older kids a simple digital camera similar to this.

Some of the kids closest friends recently moved to Hawaii. Being able to share our mutual adventures (they will  be sharing awesome HI stuff) will be something exciting that the kids can work on while we have down time or drive.

Overall the plans are coming along.

So tell me, what have been your favorite places in the US to visit and/or live?  Any recommendations for our little adventure?


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